In the late 60s, Japan became the second-largest economy after the U.S. — a period coined as “economic miracle”, characterised by rapid economic growth, industrialisation and urbanisation. In response to the vast consumption and production, a group of artists began embracing the materiality and relationships of objects in themselves by juxtaposing natural and manufactured materials — now known as Mono-ha.

Led by artists Sean Tseng and Sara Wu, the workshop introduced Japanese art movement Mono-ha (aka School of Things) to re-examine our relationship with the world through matters in a contemporary context when the ecosystem can no longer process the levels of wastes and materials produced daily.

About the Artists

Sean Tseng works in Taipei and London. He primarily works with the media of sculpture and photography to explore notions of rhythm from both industrialised materials and natural elements. He is currently researching the dynamics and beauty of attraction between different forms in nature where subtleties lurk and encounters await. His work has been exhibited in Spain, the United Kingdom, Taiwan and mainland China. He has participated in residencies at La Wayaka Current: Desert 23°S (Atacama, Chile) and Cerrado Ecoarte (Brasilia, Brazil). He has been awarded grants for Next Art Tainan 2020, the S-An Cultural Foundation Grants in 2019, and National Culture and Arts Foundation Grants for his project Air, Sunshine, Breeze- the Poetics of Body and Perception (2019-2020) and his previous research in the Atacama Desert. He is currently studying at the Royal College of Art.


Sara Wu is a London-based artist, primarily works with photography and sculpture. Through noticing the dual relationship between space and time of images, she explores the complexity and ambiguity of experience in photography and creates a new two-dimensional state in the vision by annotating the abandoned objects which the interpretation has been discarded. Her works have received awards from Parallel Photo Platform as the 3rd Cycle New Artist and Wonder Foto Day and exhibited in the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center in Budapest, Grosvenor Gallery in Manchester, Taipei Art Photo in Taipei. She will graduate from the Royal College of Art in MA Sculpture in June 2020.