A Creative Sounds Workshop



From the raindrops falling on the ground to the wind flowing through the trees — we are surrounded by countless sounds every day. This workshop is about amplifying the daily sounds that we have ignored and neglected. Through sound recording and collaging, Lina Choi invites the participants to co-create a sound installation from the sounds they have collected.



Lina Choi is an artist currently based in London. Graduated from the Royal College of Art (MA Sculpture), she is interested in individuals and their unique traits, identities and personalities. Visualizing and empowering personal narratives by transforming human voice and sounds to noise or vibration, her practice looks into how people express themselves under invisible or visible social rules, cultural hegemony and extreme conditions when they need to conform to societies. Her works have exhibited at A World in Vertigo in Brunel Museum in London. She has also participated in the residencies at Cambridge Art Works in Cambridge, UK and Zaratan Air in Lisbon, Portugal.

Why are you interested in art education?

Some people think that art is irrelevant to societies and difficult to understand. For me, art-making and art education are not only about appreciating artworks or developing skills but also about having fun and creating a new experience. I have been teaching art for a long time, especially for young people and the senior. Some of them suffer from mental issues. Through art, they become more relaxed and confident. When people are involved in the process, they enjoy it. This is what art is about. It is about fun.

What is art education like in Korea? Why did you choose to study in the U.K?

My BA course in Korea was more practical and focused on skills. For example, I learned about how to make a body with clay, cast with plaster or resin, or carve marble. Some classes were more creative, so I could create freely without any limitations of the medium. I enjoyed my time in Korea, but at some point, I wanted to try something new in a different environment. I wanted to change. I wanted my practice to change as well, so I decided to study in London.

How do you find the participants at ILSC?

They are amazing, very creative and engaging. I didn’t expect this level of participation. Their engagement gave me confidence in planning another session.

In what way does the workshop benefit your practice?

I have never thought about collaborations before. Since the workshop, I have been thinking about creating a new sound piece by collaborating with local people. Sometimes, people with different backgrounds can offer more interesting suggestions than other artists and curators can.