Image credits to Alex Chao Liu


Fungi Initiative is an ongoing research project (2019 - present) initiated by collective Transparent Domain to explore the potential of art in fostering social relationship, cross-disciplinary communication and collaboration. 

The project abandons an anthropocentric ​perspective on our society and compares humans with fungi. Just like our identities, the taxonomy of fungi is also in a state of flux. They were once considered as plants, but are now placed independently in their own kingdom of equal rank with animals and plants. Scientists now found them more closely related to animals than to plants. Just like us individually, each fungus is inconspicuous. Though unspectacular, fungus together plays an important role in ecosystem by decomposing organic matter.

Through Fungi Initiative, we hope to build a shared public space to be together, feel together and think together.



2019.10 - 2020.03

​In the first phase, we transformed ourselves into a mobile social apparatus. By navigating and adapting ourselves to different institutions in London, we experimented different methods in fostering institutional communications and collaborations.



2020.06 - ONGING

The second phase reacts to the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of public institutions worldwide. How do we maintain the accessibility of art and art education in such a challenging time? Together, we will create four online workshops for you to think creatively and create freely. 

We would like to express massive gratitude for the following institutions in supporting our initiative: