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Featuring topics from sustainability to LGBT rights to inequality, Fungi Project is an open invitation, providing a platform to collectively re-examine the notion of being in contemporary settings.


Dear friend,


I hope this email finds you well.


I have some devastating news to share with you: in recent years, we have witnessed —


the growing number of species are at risk of extinction, increasing rate of depression and self-harm among young people, aggravating inequality between the poor and the rich, environmental pollution, rising nationalism, ......


We are depressed more than ever. We wonder whether you feel anxious, powerless and vulnerable just like we are after reading all these news.


We feel the urge to change something. 


With mixed feelings, we started the Fungi Initiative as a site of gathering and questioning to adopt an alternative view to examine the notion of being in contemporary settings

"Why fungi?"


Just like our identities, the taxonomy of fungi is in a state of flux. They were once considered as plants, but are now placed independently in their own kingdom of equal rank with animals and plants. Scientists now found them more closely related to animals than to plants.


Just like us individually, each fungus is inconspicuous. Though unspectacular, fungus together plays an important role in ecosystem by decomposing organic matter.


Together. Yes, together. 

Being together, feeling together, thinking together, ...... 


We cannot change the world by ourselves.


We therefore propose —


Would you join us, my friend?


Yours sincerely,

Transparent Mates