As the closing workshop for the first phase of Fungi Initiative, BLEND invites participants to create personal zines from their own archives in the forms of mobile phone photographs, family albums or any other formats. The workshop is led by lens-based media artist Elena-Andreea Teleaga whose works explore the intricate relationship between the past, present and future. Informed by her practice, Elena will introduce how to create narratives through photo collaging and zine-making.

We would like to express our massive gratitude towards Helen Tremaine and Barbican & Community Libraries for kindly supporting the workshop and making it happen.

About the Artist

Elena-Andreea Teleaga is a lens-based media artist who uses different forms of visual art, especially analogue photography, collages and installations to explore experience, space, history and existence in relation to censorship, the obstruction of the act of seeing and behaviour. Being born in a former communist country, Romania, her background is inevitably visible in the body of work which questions the historical past and the present socio-political context. She delves into the experimental side of photography, the one that does not follow any precise rules. The unexpected outcome gives birth to new approaches to this medium.