All-Day Breakfast Zine Recipe

by Elena-Andreea Teleaga






between 1h and 24h


as many as wanted

Inspired from Dada movement and the cooking recipes that needed to be improvised during the COVID-19 quarantine, this zine recipe requires basic ingredients that can be adapted to everyone’s supplies. There is no need to get out of the house and purchase anything. This recipe will attempt to inspire you, to make you think through making, to question the information gained from mass-media and open up creativity in unusual circumstances such as a global pandemic. Through making it, you will learn how to fold an eight- pages zine, recycle things you have at home and create a unique small publication. The process needs to be repeated until the result satisfies the author.


  • a working surface/ table*

  • table cover (I used 2 x A3 cutting mats)

  • newspaper/ magazine*

  • pencil*

  • permanent marker/ pens/ ink*

  • bone folder paper creaser (the back of your scissors can be used)

  • scissors*

  • eraser

  • 2 x binder clips (paper clips can be used)

  • cutter (scissors can be used)

  • personal imagery *

  • glue*

  • brush for the glue (earbuds/ fingers can be used)

  • awl (a needle can be used or something sharp to make holes in paper) *

  • waxed thread (any kind of thread can be used)

  • needles*

  • ruler*

The ingredients marked * are required. All the rest can be adapted to other items in the house – other suggestions are given in brackets.





Prepare your working surface and gather your ingredients.



Free the working space. Choose 3 full sheets (12 pages) from the newspaper/magazine with articles that you find interesting. Read them.



Bring the pencil and the marker. After reading, underline with the pencil words that resonate with you. Start blacking out everything else. Leave the titles / subtitles and the images you connect with. Suggestion: open up the pages when doing this as the marker might leave traces on the other pages in unwanted places.

Repeat this action for all 12 pages.



Now it is time to fold these 3 sheets as 8 pages zine.  Do this for each sheet at a time. Grab a pair of scissors and follow the instructions

Step-4- Instructions for 8 pages


After folding, place the three booklets one under another.

Use 2 clips to put them in one place neatly, making sure that all the edges are aligned. I used some paper to protect the pages. Place the clips on the spine.



Use a knife to cut the pages that are connected. Do not cut the spine part you have chosen. I placed a heavier object on the other pages in order to keep them in place while cutting. Make sure you do this carefully.



Take the clips out and arrange the pages as you wish, connecting the text and images.



Bring your own imagery, glue and scissors. Place the images in the booklet and stick them.



This is an extra step. I used baking paper between the pages where I used glue in order to keep the glue away from sticking the pages. I also placed the booklet under a heavy box to press for 24h. The glue sticks the images better this way.



Arrange the pages the way you want them to be in the zine before binding. You can also take this opportunity to multiply the pages and create copies.


Now it’s time to bind the book. I have been inspired by a Japanese Stab Binding technique and I adapted to my publication. *Adapt it to your needs and get creative.  Grab the paper clips, ruler, pencil, something sharp to make holes such as an awl, thread, needle and a pair of scissors. Follow the instructions below.


*You can find more techniques and explanation online here

Step 11 Binding Page 1.jpg
Elena's zine

 Now Enjoy Your Little Publication! 


Send your zine images to us ( via email by November 30, 2020!

For the first 25 candidates, you will receive a gif created from your images and personalised feedback from us!

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Elena-Andreea Teleaga is a lens-based media artist whose work is rooted in photography. Using found material or own imagery, Teleaga’s work creates spaces for reflection, introspection and self-analysis that take different forms from photographs to books to experiences of places. She has recently graduated from an MFA course at Slade School of Fine Art and currently works in London.