Discovering Reality & Originality in Sampling Culture



In this session, Japanese artist Rie Toguchi disclosed her creative process when ideas and creations were continuously remixed and reproduced. Before the session, Rie had asked the participants to submit one of their favourite songs. Remixing and sampling all the submitted songs, Rie questioned the notions of originality and creativity. In a world of ceaseless mash-ups, what does it mean to be original? How do we identify originality and authenticity?

Some submitted songs are Price tag (Jessie J), Love's Refrain (Jefre Cantu-Ledesma), Annie's Song (John Denver), Miracle of sound (4am), All my loving (Beatles), My Shot (Hamilton), Yorktown (Hamilton), Too young (Post Malone), Last Christmas (Wham!), Sexy Back (Justin Timberlake), Idol (BTS), Done (CL), 100 bad days (AJR), Till I Collapse (Eminem), Snowman (Sia), Vienna (Billy Joel), Safe from Harm (Gabriella Cilmi) , ......

Sampling (Actual Creativity)
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About the Artist

Rie Toguchi is a Japanese artist, currently based in Tokyo. Toguchi’s multimedia installation works, including painting, photography, glasswork, sound, video and text, explore the psychological structure in human society by reference to the idea of folklore, anthropology and philosophy. Her works particularly focus on the fragility of human’s insensible believes; the weirdness of social norms, such as eating and sexual intercourse, and the mythological structure of Japanese pop idols’ culture.