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About us

Founded in 2015 and re-launched in 2019, Transparent Domain is a cross-disciplinary educational platform. Envisioning a world blooming with creativity and collaboration, we pursue an "education through art" model that encourages participants to think like artists — creative, curious, experimental, open-minded, ......


Exploring the potential of creativity, Transparent Domain is an ongoing curatorial project that addresses the current shortfall and increasing inequality in British education. According to OECD (2016), UK has one of the highest levels of income inequality among most of the European OECD members. Income inequality has a direct impact on the accessibility of good-quality education. (Unicef, 2018) In science, disadvantaged students in the UK fall almost three full school years behind their wealthier peers by the age of 15. (Busby, 2018) Additionally, the proportion of students enrolled in arts and music has fallen to the lowest level in decades, because of the high costs of arts subjects and the promotion of STEM-focused English Baccalaureate. (Bounds, 2017; Harvey, 2016; Abrams, 2017).


We understand the problems we are facing are complicated and multi-layered, and therefore we actively seek perspectives from new backgrounds and interests in tackling them.


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